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Katie and I met at a Target Coffee Shop – she was early in her pregnancy when she contacted me and was so excited to learn more. She radiated a pregnancy glow and was just a pleasure to visit with.


Fast forward to February 2nd – I received a text from her late that evening saying she was on her way to the hospital with contractions. It wasn’t quite time for me to come in yet – so she agreed to let me know an update once she got checked in.


February 3rd was my second son, Lucien’s birthday – we was turning 2. I know that part of this job entails missing big days – and this weigh a little on my mind. I really do my very best to give myself to my clients and this was no different. At 3 o’clock in the morning on the 3rd I got the call that she was 6cm and I hurried to the hospital. I was with her and her husband right after she had received her epidural – and she was in heaven. She was all laughs and smiles and the three of us joked our way to 10 cm.


I was only with them for a couple hours – at 5:01 am an amazingly beautiful, dark hair little girl came screaming into the world. The doctor laid her right on moms chest and she got her first look – and I remember her looking up at her husband and was just so in love. Katie and Chad – at 5:01 am – became Mom and Dad. It is moments like this that I very much enjoy documenting first time parents.


Dad made a special paracord bracelet for his daughter – and he was so excited to put in on her tiny little wrist. What a special detail to always remember.


I stayed with them for 2 hours after Bethany’s birth – documenting all the bonding and love between the three of them. One of the traditions we have with our kiddos – my husband and I go in to their rooms on their birthdays and wake them with the birthday song. On my way home I called my husband and asked if Lucien had woke yet – and to my luck he was still sleeping. Once I walked in the door we went up to sing him Happy Birthday. Bethany and Lucien will forever share that day – and that is special. I celebrated two birthdays that day.



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