I work with new moms all the time – specializing in birth photography – I am one of the first who get to witness the very first moments of motherhood – the fourth trimester. The first hours and days are a delight. Becoming a mom is amazing; whether new or seasoned. There is no secret that once you have a new little one, they become a huge focal point! Family and friends come to visit. Many come to help mom and bring goodies, and if they’re lucky, they will get some newborn snuggles.

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Have you ever been stumped on what to gift a new mama? It’s so easy to find cute baby clothes or blankets to package up in a little gift bag to bring over and welcome their newest bundle. What about for mom – what can we give to her to celebrate this 4th trimester? Lets keep in mind, Mom is taking on a huge new role of motherhood; battling sleepless nights and a new set of emotions that can bring laughs and tears at any moment. Clothing falls short at boosting confidence, the maternity clothes are loose and big and the pre-pregnancy clothes are still too tight.

That is why I love the 4th Trimester Box from Rose + Candy. This is a box jam packed with 20+ goodies to celebrate MOM. Rose + Candy recognize just how difficult this season can be. Their goal in putting together these boxes is to celebrate the woman behind the mother. They are excited about the practicability of the box – and I agree! What a great gift to give or receive! The box is filled with items to make mom feel like the goddess she is. You can even specify the shirt size (S-XL). When you open the box for the first time – you will notice a card taped to the inside top of the box – it reads

“If Brittany survived 2007, you can survive this”

I laughed – out loud. It is so true! Being a new mom is hard work! We don’t give ourselves enough credit and grace – and this card was a really great reminder to me – even at 37 months postpartum!

Some of the items that are included in the Rose + Candy 4th Trimester Box are…

Mama Bear Shirt and Scarf

I’ve seen these around and they are a great graphic tee!


A comfortable and soft bra – no underwire! This bra is a one size fits all!

Earrings , Necklace and Hairpin

The earrings are almost like studs – nothing long and dangly for the baby to eventually find and try and grab! The hairpin could also be used for the scarf or to tie the shirt to the side!

Dry Shampoo

This is a great one! Toss it into your diaper bag if you’re on the go!


Need I say more?

Pocket Mirror and Ribbon Hair Ties

Love these items!

Facial Wipes, Deodorant Towelette and Mouth Cleanser

Yes, yes and yes!

And More!!

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Co-founders, Stephanie and Tanya founded their business after they bonded over difficult postpartum experiences. They have done a great job putting these boxes together – their goal is to celebrate the women and ensure they feel important. They have more boxes and ideas coming soon! I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!

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