From the time a second line appears on a test to the moment the signs of labor appear, a woman is preparing for her birth. She has thought of what she desires from her birth, she has packed a bag (or two) in preparation of her birth. So what is in that bag? Most likely it is full of items to help keep her and her partner comfortable physically, clothes, toothbrush, socks, etc. But what about items that make her birth space feel comforting and lively?


It is no secret that the hospitals tend to have a very ‘sterile’ look to them. It makes sense, they want a space that houses all the equipment they may need in a nice orderly fashion. There may be a generic photo framed up on the wall to add a ‘calmness’ but mostly what is on the wall is a room number, emergency protocols and a whiteboard with the current date and patient information. The rooms are predictable and dull. I have photographed many births where mom brings along a banner full with birth affirmations, or when mom brings her favorite blanket, or maybe even their doula brings some lights to hang around the room, even battery powered candles play to a mood. When the rooms are decorated in such a way it brings a bit more warmth and relaxation to the space.

As I was looking through instagram a couple months ago, I found My Birthing Box (@mybirthingbox). I immediately loved what she was all about. Janice is a trained Doula, Childbirth Educator and Labor and Delivery Surgical Technician and found a need for her clients and customers. She designed a box full of items you can bring to your birth spaced to give it some personality – and vibrancy! Her goal is to provide expectant mothers with a sense of confidence and security, with the help of the My Birthing Box to reinforce that they are strong and capable. She was generous enough to send a box my way and I was so excited to use it for my sister’s birth.

We unpacked the box soon after she arrived at the hospital. Her water broke early that morning so; we had a calm before the storm to set the room up together. We took one of the pillows from her hospital bed and enclosed it with the pillow case that was provided. There were 10 affirmation cards and we strung them on up on a string and used some of the nurses tape to tape them under the TV. It added some color and positive words to her space. One of my favorite cards said “I am prepared to birth like a boss”.


Inside the box was a onesie for her baby – it read “Bundle of Joy”. There was also a bunch of lollipops and a fan; what a great idea to include! Nursing pads and lanolin were among the items for after the baby is born. You can never have enough postpartum and nursing supplies!


One of the most appealing aspect to the My Birthing Box is the ability to customize the Pillowcase Affirmation. You can choose from:

  • my Birth, my Story
  • I can do this!
  • I am strong and capable
  • Relax, Breathe, Let Go

Throughout my sister’s birth (we were there for over 24 hours) she had quite a few people in and out especially with shift changes. Each nurse, doctor, and hospital staff who came in commented on her room. How wonderful it was to see the cards on the wall, and how they loved the floral pillow case. One even said she felt a different kind of energy in the room. I personally, loved it when she laid on her pillow she would have this floral halo effect. She was already so striking to watch and it just made her glow so much more magnificence.


I will be recommending this box to my clients. It makes a great gift as well if you have a friend or family member who is expecting. You can order your own box at at this link – My Birthing Box.

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