Favorite Photos from 2017 | Raleigh Birth Photography

2017 was a great year! I was able to scale back just a little. I took the whole month of April off to be in Kansas waiting the arrival of my niece. December was also a slow month, I spent so much time with friends and family and it was so refreshing to be off call over the holidays. Enjoy this gallery of my favorite images from 2017!


1. The first birth of 2017 was quite a story. An ice storm was supposed to hit Friday night so I rushed to get new tires on my car in case I was called into a birth. Sure enough – at 3 am I found myself driving an hour away in the freezing rain. It took me 2 hours to get there! I was welcomed with smiles and hugs by dear friends. I was there in their home less than two years earlier documenting their first son’s birth. Her oldest was still nursing and often asked for ‘milkies’. Mama and her son found it comforting, and it helped keep the contractions consistent and strong. The photo of them in the tub is one of my very favorites from the year!

2. You’re smiling aren’t you? With so many happy faces surrounding baby – it’s contagious. This image by far stands as my favorite cord-cutting photo I have taken. Dad’s smile is delightful and so proud!

3. When dad is a chiropractor and his little girl was breech and born via belly, he was anxious to get his hands on her to check her alignment. She was so calm during the gentle adjustments. This technique wasn’t something I had seen in person before so I was very excited to capture this!

4. Jack’s birth took on very similar characteristics to his sister’s birth. Mom pushed only a few times and he came right out. He had a beautiful cord and was covered in so much vernix. I love this image of baby being passed up to mom’s chest; he laid there for hours. They did all his assessments on mom and it was so beautiful to watch and document their bonding.

5. Homebirths with older siblings are their own kind of magic. The midwives try and do the baby assessment on the bed right next to mom – and here Big Sister was helping Nancy check over her sister. The curious minds of kids are so wonderful as they explore their newest member.

6. Fresh48 sessions are so relaxed and usually involve beautiful natural light. This family lived quite a ways away from the birth center so they were really hoping I could be there before they were discharged. I made it just in time and enjoyed spending a couple hours with these first time parents. Watching dad dress his son for the first time was my favorite moment spent with them! Dressing a moving baby is not all that easy as I am sure you know!

7. This year, I have noticed the stillness of moms bonding. All the commotion around mom in this image is just a blur; mom is enjoying her first opportunity for skin to skin and nothing around her matters. It is beautiful to watch – I remember this moment from each of my births so clearly.

8. This was my 100th Birth – and this was a wild one! Mom flew through labor and I am so thankful that I met them at the birth center! She was only in the tub for minutes before her 4th baby was born into her arms. Dad was there with smiles and support – and the look on mom’s face, that look of delight and accomplishment. It’s truly breathtaking!

9. The sun pouring into this birth room creates such a beautiful background. Plus, I think it is kind of fun to watch the monitor adjustment from above! It’s almost as if the nurse is peaking in on baby.

10. Big brother and sister were eager to hold their sisters hand. They were by her side throughout the whole newborn assessment, calming her whenever she was upset. It was so loving – they were at the birth center the whole time during labor. I remember her daughter really taking the role of doula and it was so sweet to watch her help her mom.

11. Choosing one image from my niece’s birth is nearly impossible. This image however, just strikes me. My sister was born to be a mom, and to see her skin to skin with her daughter with a very tired but satisfied gaze makes my heart burst. She is an amazing mom – this photo was just the beginning to their love.

12. The colors and depth of this image make me swoon. I really enjoy color birth images and this is no different. I love the gentle touch of her husband who reluctantly got into the water to support his wife. This was mom’s fifth girl – and her first homebirth!

13. Dad took a seat at the head of the tub, he was there, holding his wife’s hand through each contraction. He wiped her forehead intermittently and encouraged her through every push. Sometimes during labor, it’s the soft gentle touches that give the most support.

14. The look between these two – it speaks words! Dad’s smile to his wife; its almost as if you can imagine what he is thinking. The bonding time after birth is so sweet, especially when you can climb into your own bed and not have to go anywhere.

15. A woman’s strength through labor is remarkable. Tousled hair, focused brow, deep breathing… just a few of the things in this photo that I gravitate towards. If you could see her husbands face while she bushed, he was very supportive and into this stage. His expressions were incredible!

16. Surrounded by dad’s strength. Sometimes a black and white image makes me melt. The kiss from dad, the grasp of his finger. It’s a connection between father and son.

17. Mama is another photographer – and she has some pull in her small town hospital. She was given a beautiful room for her labor and birth; the whole exterior wall was windows to green scenery. She found it hard to get comfortable with the epidural – this capture was a glimpse into the peak of her contraction.

18. My very first birth in Virginia! If possible – I try and sneak into a photo and I love the look of this one. With their mirror hanging on the door, I managed to get a few shots like this. This was also my very first full videography birth – check out their video – Home Birth Film

19. Proud big brothers have some of the biggest smiles! I enjoyed documenting this Fresh48 – in fact this was the first full videography Fresh48 that I have done! You can view the video here – Fresh48 Documentary Film

20. Emotions run high moments before your first baby is born. The look on dads face here, love, apprehension and an overwhelming sense of joy. The next frame in this series the baby was being lifted up to mom.

21. Beyoncé made an appearance at this birth center birth. Mom and Dad only had one photo request. They are both fans and brought a life size cut out to their birth. We took one of Beyoncé watching over as they labored, and once again after their daughter was born. What a fun experience!

22. The birds eye view of the first latch. Mom’s belly still has the indentation of the contraction monitor. This sweet little baby nestled in mom’s arm, covered in his birthday frosting. So new!

23. Love this sweet little girl laying next to her mom. Awaiting the arrival of the nurse to do her postpartum check. It’s a fun artists shot!

24. Holding your baby after the loss of your first. It is an unbelievable moment. It is full of love and loss, tears stream down the face of both mom and dad. I remember mom asking for reassurance that her son was ok. The sound of his cry brought tears to my eyes. Here is a link to their video – Birth Journey Film

25. Witnessing a vaginal birth of a mom who has only had 2 prior cesarean nothing short of empowering. Mama did all the right things, found the right provider who was supportive, made decisions about her birth to give her the best chance of a vaginal birth. When she made it to 10 and was ready to push, dad was in awe watching the whole birth form a completely different view. He even caught his daughter and brought her up to mom’s chest. The two of them were beaming and were so giddy with excitement to welcome their daughter, and to have such a vastly different experience.

26. A birds eye view of this sweet girl, she had so many rolls and cute chunky thighs. Little Lady gave everyone a scare after getting stuck on her way out. It was an emotional ride for everyone in the room. To see so many come together to help was a reminder of what a village it takes. She was only my second little baby to require a NICU transfer. Their film is very powerful, you can view it here – Birth Center Birth

27. Daddy bonding in the operating room. After his once over by the doctors, this little man was relaxing under the warmer when dad came over to meet his son.

28. When women labor, sometime they go internal. They can hear only those in their trusted circle. Her husband gently encouraging her here as she relaxes between contractions.

29. When holding your newborn baby, the world around you stops. It’s a moment almost every mother can recall, and to capture this in a photo, you can almost place yourself in her seat.

If you are interested in having your birth documented – contact me here. Space is limited as I only take 2-4 births a month.